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The new GLASSIX range of sinks is being launched to broaden the appeal of ALVEUS glass sinks to a wider target market. Similarly as the more exclusive Crystalix range, the GLASSIX sinks come in either white or black toughened glass, they will however be marketed at more accessible prices. ALVEUS glass sinks are hand-crafted to the highest quality standards and add an elegant and strikingly beautiful design feature to the kitchen.
        Alveus GLASIX                                


 Glasix ALVEUS



No. of bowls: 1

Min. cabinet width: 450 mm


Dimension: 860 x 500 x 190 mm


The Monarch Collection

Monarch_Collection Monarch_Collection 
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The fusion of stainless steel and nitride ceramics

The surface of stainless steel is coated by extremely thin film of ceramic nitride in a process known as
Physical Vapour Deposition. The nitride is produced in a vacuum chamber from precious metals, which get vaporised and ionised, then accelerated at high energies into the vacuum and finally deposited as extra thin and extremely wear-resistant layer of ceramic nitride onto a stainless steel sink. The result is a stainless steel sink of not only unique colour shade, but also superior scratch resistance

Precious and noble – gold, copper and anthracite

The Monarch Collection sinks are enriched in precious gold, copper and anthracite colours, which radiate class and nobleness. Their metal lustre will add a touch of mystique to your kitchen.

Unique colour shades
Due to the very nature of vapour deposition coating technology, each sink ends up with unique colour shade.

The Stylux sinks

The kitchen has grown into focal point of modern interiors, becoming the heart of family life and a place where the most important family ties are woven.
ALVEUS will warm your heart with STYLUX, the new family of kitchen sinks, which belongs to the very top of contemporary design solutions.

The TriTop accessory range will fascinate you with its innovative technique. It is made of stainless steel in CrNi 18/10 grade and 1mm thickness.
With the help of TriTop cover, a kitchen sink of clean and minimalist lines will become a real multifunctional centre for preparation of gourmet delights.
TriTop’s two different sizes, which in various combinations provide the kitchen sink with three additional uses:
  •  If necessary,
  • TriTop substantially increases the sink’s working surface,
  • TriTop adds draining surface to the sink, and
  • after use,
  • TriTop hides the sink.

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You will be won over by Stylux sinks’ unique BiBoard cover, made of black tempered glass. BiBoard will inspire you and create a magic mood in the kitchen in two ways. If you wish the black elegance to accompany your creativity, just cover your sink with BiBoard and it will transform in an instant into a draining surface. The BiBoard can be perfectly complemented by a chopping board in matching black safety-glass design.
Before finishing with the wet use of your kitchen, you can turn the BiBoard into a duvet for your sink and leave it to sweet dreams…
till the next food preparation gathering…
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