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Undermount sinks (U)      

Undermount bowls are attached from the bottom side of the countertop , the sink rims thus concealed under the work surface made of natural stone or composite materials. This installation type allows the utilisation of larger dimensions and limitless combinations. The absence of sink-to-countertop joints contributes to simple hygiene maintenance and overall appeal of the kitchen.



Every kitchen deserves a wonderful sink. The Alveus trademark assortment of sinks has been joined by the group of kitchen sinks Monarch collections which are available in three stainless steel nuances. In your kitchen certain models of stainless steel sinks shall sparkle in gold, copper or anthracite nuance.Metal lustre of the sink adds mysticism to the kitchen and due to special accumulation technology each sink results unique.
The attractiveness and functionality of the sink is supplemented by the accessories such as wooden or glass chopping board and stainless strainer bowl.Sinks from the Monarch Collection can be complemented by the mixer taps Alveus from the standard product range.


The Quadrix family sinks allow great creative freedom in the kitchen. With clean shapes and a
touch of the latest trends, they are designed for the most demanding users. The line comprises five bowl models of various dimensions, which can be combined in any way you choose. The sinks are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel of above-average thickness. Their basic characteristic is small radiuses (10 mm); in combination with a 200 mm bowl depth, these provide a significantly
increased sink bowl capacity.With undermount installation, the countertop reaches over the bowl rims, which significantly increases the work surface. Quadrix sinks are also available in the flat-mount and inset varieties. Some typical bowl configurations are shown at the end of the presentation to make your decision easier.

Alveus DUO

The Duo sink family comprises five undermount sink combinations, which nicely match countertops from natural stone, composites or waterproofed wood.
These sinks are mounted from beneath the counter so the sink rims are concealed under the countertop. They come in various dimensions and shapes, and are equipped as standard with pop-up siphons. In addition, numerous accessories are available to order, such as wooden cutting boards, strainer bowl, baskets from stainless steel.
To make your decision easier, a few typical bowl configurations suitable for various cabinet dimensions are presented at the end of the Duo sink presentation.


With the numerous Variant bowl configurations, your wishes and needs can be fulfilled in any way you like. You can choose among ten models of various shapes and dimensions, which mount onto the underside of the countertop from a waterproof material, e.g. natural stone, composites or waterproofed wood.
The bowls are crafted from stainless steel with the satin finish. In addition to the wide range of bowls, you can also choose among numerous accessories.
To make your decision easier, a few typical bowl configurations suitable for various cabinet dimensions are presented at the end of the presentation.

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