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Inset sinks     

Inset sinks are designed for installation into the worktop and form part of a continuous worktop surface. In a cut-out of appropriate dimensions, the sink is set into a kitchen worktop from above and fixed with the provided clamps. In terms of their principal design features, Alveus inset kitchen sinks fall into different ranges.



Kitchen sinks from the Crystalix family will set your creativity free. They are made for the most demanding users, who require not only uncompromising quality, but also cutting-edge design. Crystalix sinks are available in three different models and two glass colours – white and black. They are manufactured from premium stainless steel of above-average thickness and 10 mm thick tempered glass. Their basic characteristic is small radiuses (10 mm); in combination with a 200 mm bowl depth, these provide a significantly increased sink bowl capacity. Tempered glass improves the mechanic properties of the glass by greatly increasing its toughness. Therefore, Crystalix sinks are very compact and tough despite their modern appearance. Extremely small radiuses in combination with above-average depth create additional space for more comfortable sink use.


The latest Line sink family of modern designs and clean lines with innovative and functional solutions transcends the limits of the ‘wet’ kitchen area. Owing to the variegated and numerous accessories, Line sinks make kitchen work so much easier. The functional washing up and food preparation solutions typical of high-end sinks designed for the most demanding users are now available at reasonable prices.



Every kitchen deserves a wonderful sink. The Alveus trademark assortment of sinks has been joined by the group of kitchen sinks Monarch collections which are available in three stainless steel nuances. In your kitchen certain models of stainless steel sinks shall sparkle in gold, copper or anthracite nuance.Metal lustre of the sink adds mysticism to the kitchen and due to special accumulation technology each sink results unique.
The attractiveness and functionality of the sink is supplemented by the accessories such as wooden or glass chopping board and stainless strainer bowl.Sinks from the Monarch Collection can be complemented by the mixer taps Alveus from the standard product range.


Alveus Vision sinks are actually small kitchens, brimming with new ideas. Their design is suited to the requirements of modern cooks expecting maximum functionality and assistance. Large bowls and drainer make washing up and draining easy. A special feature is an additional drain area with own drain, where you can keep your sponge or pour liquid waste. The entire sink is designed so as to channel all drained-off water towards the drain, and its usability is enhanced by the adjustable drain flow function.Vision sinks are manufactured from durable stainless steel of above-average thickness, which ensures rigidity and a long service life. The rims are shaped to allow easy cleaning and a high level of hygiene. The overall attractiveness and functionality of the sinks are complemented by the supplied accessories (wooden cutting board, stainless strainer bowl and pop-up drain).


The modern lines of the Praktik sinks bring an touch of aesthetics and functionality into the kitchen. They boast exceptional depth (up to 260 mm) and sink bowl size, which makes kitchen work so much easier.
The Praktik family consists of six models. You can thus choose among sinks with various numbers of bowls, with or without drainer and of various dimensions and shapes. The models including the drainer are reversible and can be installed either as right-hand or left-hand bowl sinks. The wide range of accessories provides exceptional functionality and work-surface use.

Alveus PIXEL

The uniqueness of Pixel sinks reflects in the sink bowl size, originally designed drainer and matching cutting board, which fits all models. The cutting board can be used on the drainer or slid over the large bowl.
The large bowl measures 190 mm in depth, and the free drain areas can be used for draining glasses as well as large and small cooking utensils. All Pixel models come in premium stainless steel with satin and microlinen finishes. Their characteristics will undoubtedly add elegance to your kitchen.

Alveus CUBO

Cubo kitchen sinks boast a modern and minimalist design. Made of high-quality Algranit composite, they come in eight different models and an array of colours. Deep sink bowls (large bowl depth up to 230 mm, small bowl depth up to 151 mm) ensure a high level of functionality, and in combination with the stylish small radiuses result in a significantly increased capacity. Cubo sinks boast straight lines and a smooth surface, which allow easy cleaning and hygiene maintenance.
The accessories perfectly matching the sink shape will also be of assistance in the kitchen. The neat beach wood cutting board is carefully designed and extremely functional. Apart from the wooden board, the sink comes with two stainless steel strainer bowl. You can choose between the shallower and the deeper one, and use it for draining washed cups, glasses, vegetables or for peeling fruit.

Alveus FUTUR

The sinks of the Futur family are distinguished for their
characteristic curved design highlighting the personal character of your kitchen. You can choose among eight models made in stainless steel or various-colour composites. The bowls in all models boast an above-average depth (195 mm).
All sinks are furnished as standard with pop-up siphons, while certain models also come with stainless steel trainer bowl. The stainless steel variants are available in the satin, linen and microlinen finishes, thus complementing traditional as well as modern kitchens.

Alveus FUTUR Algranit

The sinks of the Futur Algranit family are distinguished for their characteristic curved design highlighting the personal character of your kitchen. You can choose among four models made in various-colour composites. The bowls in all models boast an above-average depth (200 mm). All sinks are furnished as standard with pop-up siphons, while certain models also come with stainless steel strainer bowl. Alveus Algranite composite material is available in eight different colours which beautifully complement traditional or stylish kitchens.

Alveus LINE

With their varied and large range of accessories, Line sinks make work in the kitchen so much easier.
The functional washing-up and food preparation solutions, typical of high-end sinks and designed for
the most demanding users, are now available at reasonable prices.
Various combinations of accessories can be put together and fully adjusted to individual needs. Line
sinks are manufactured from quality stainless steel and come in a number of surface finishes.

Alveus LUX Algranite

The Lux kitchen sink is made of high-quality Algranit composite, which comes in eight different colours. Its great advantage is the sink bowl size in combination with small radiuses, which significantly increases the sink capacity.
The sink is also distinguished for its functionally designed drainboard, which allows quick water drainage and deposition of large or small utensils. The smooth surface is easy to clean and very hygienic. The accessories available for the Lux sink include a wooden cutting board, which fits perfectly to the sink shape.


The Elegant sink family suits almost any kitchen, for their classic design maintains timeless appeal. Various bowl sizes and configurations with or without the drainer compose the variegated kitchen sink family. The large bowl has an above-average depth of 190 mm, while the depth of the smaller bowl amounts to 140 mm. You can choose among six models made in stainless steel with the satin, linen and microlinen finishes as well as a wide range of accessories.

Alveus BASIC

The Basic sink family represents the basis of the brand name ALVEUS and also the lowest price kitchen sink range. You can choose between single or double bowl sink with or without the drainer in two different surface finishes of stainless steel – satin and leinen. You can complent the Basic sinks with various accessories.

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